Covid 19 Information

Update : 3 December 2021

To confirm the information given out in church on Sunday 21st November. At a meeting of the PCC on 17th November the following, which still meet the updated guidelines from CofE House of Bishops dated the 30th November and changes to Government requirements, were agreed:

  1. We must continue to wear masks (age 11+) when moving around the church and when singing, masks can be removed when sitting.
  2. We will re-commence serving tea and coffee from the servery at the end of the service, from Sunday 5 December (Toy Service). People serving will be required to wear masks and gloves. If the congregation wishes to have tea or coffee they must wear masks whilst collecting their drinks and then return to a seat before removing masks and drinking. Please remember to sit sensibly. Jill and Joan will be serving, but will be happy to have help, providing people wear masks etc.
  3. We wish to open the Church again during the day between 10am and 4pm (or before sunset). We have started a rota and have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday covered already. Can we have volunteers for Monday, Friday and Saturday to open and close please. If you don’t have a key that can be provided. We would like to start this coming Monday 6th December if possible. Let Malcolm Kirk know as soon as possible, please.
  4. We have now put out at the back of church the collection box for the Oswestry Food Bank; all contributions welcome. Please check with Oswestry Food bank what their priority items are. We will start a rota from January (Susan previously did this) for people once a month to take the items to the Food bank. The rota will be available in church before Christmas for volunteers to sign.
  5. Also out at the back of the church is the box for collecting stamps. Your Christmas stamps would be gratefully received.

Covid Support:

During these uncertain times you can always contact Rev’ d Kathy to talk, or one of the updated and revised list of Lay Readers and Worship Leaders’.

Betty Steele 01691 652170
Linda Gladman  01691 671363
K Kimber 01691 679646
Andrew Rice-Oxley 01691 829169
Chris Kirk 01691 688595
Peter Woollam 01691 655753
Offers of help from:
Help to: Contact details Help to:
Jeanne Bradley 01691 570445 or 07581263877 shop, collect prescriptions
Pam Johnson 01691 658032 shop, collect prescriptions
Stevie Edwards 07860387345 shop, collect prescriptions
Victoria Gemmell 01691 655181 or 07773364992 shop, collect prescriptions
Julie Hawkins 01691 670574 or shop, collect prescriptions
Linda Gladman 01691 671363 or 07582 808588 shop, collect prescriptions
Charlotte Towne 07375376151 shop, collect prescriptions
Angie Noonan 07580155383 or Any help in the evening
David Anthony 07971887631 or Any help in the evening
Michael Tomley 07779880063 Most purposes

Please avoid physical contact.  Keep 2 metres distance.  Wash your hands regularly.  Items should be left on doorsteps.  Spread only kindness.