Trip to Christ Church, Bala. July 2023

On 30 July, 25 of us from all across the Benefice left from various locations, with their lifts for the day.  Arriving in good time at Christ Church, Bala, we were greeted at the door and warmly welcomed to the Mission Area Bilingual Holy Communion Service. The Church’s recent reordering ensured that all areas were accessible and open to all, various members from across the Mission area read, led prayers and our own Revd Kathy preached and as it was on the mustard seed invariably we all went home with one!

Any and all members of the congregation were invited to stay to enjoy the sumptuous buffet lunch laid on before we moved on to the Mary Jones visitor centre where again we were welcomed, watched a video telling us all about her, her epic journey and the birth of the Bible Society before we had the opportunity to explore for ourselves.

One final cup of tea in the cafe rounded off the day, and we arrived back around 4pm, tired but all agreeing we had had a lovely day, knowing that this we hoped was the beginning of a new friendship as the Mission Area have already set a date for their return visit next year.  Recipe books out we have a lot to live up to…